Monday, February 7, 2011

are you cuffin'

Ladies, if your flares cover your shoes you in fact have issues.
Flares are a dying trend that have not died quick enough.

The wash of your denim is important.
If your jeans are damn near white but are "blue jeans"
you in fact have issues.  You may need to see an eye doctor.
Dark denim is the most sexy denim. 

White denim is also a plus.  Make sure you're wearing it in the right season tho.
Destroyed has made a comeback once again.  I truly love a pair of skinnies with a distressed look.  It can be dressy OR casual and I love it.

I enjoy a pair of boot cut jeans.  They're super fun to cuff and wear with heels.
Steer as far away as possible from flares.  They mess with your figure, cover your shoes and just look God awful.  Not to mention you girls that just love rhinestones, you need to go to rehab. 

If your jeans do not have back pockets you need to sit down.  Please just go but a pair of jeggings and call it a day! 



If you've read this blog in shame I suggest you seek help.

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