Thursday, February 10, 2011

Space-No Stars

In a relationship it is extremely important to maintain your own life.
People get so caught up in love, and being with another individual that they tend to lose things.  Friends, family, a sense of independence, and most of all themselves.  It's so important to be who you are at all times when living with someone.  When you lose yourself you are not the same.  When you're not the same they may not like you.  When you're with someone day in and day out it's so incredibly hard not to bump heads and have differences which can easily and will turn into arguments. 

To keep yourself sane, and miss someone who you live with you need to stick to your routine.  Find time to have "me" time.  Keep your friendships healthy and in communication.  

I'll be honest nothing makes me more happier than coming home from a long day to see my man and puppy.  It's the best feeling ever.  Sometimes it's too much.  Sometimes I need girl time, when I can talk about fashion, and drama and just bullshit girls do.  I NEED that time.  You and you're other half have to be able to have independence.  It's so easy and i mean it. is. so easy. to get caught up in a relationship and depend on someone else to always be there.

My boyfriend is my best friend.  I tell him everything.  Sometimes he doesn't want to hear about girl stuff and that's when I need to take my ass out to lunch or whatever and give him time to do what he wants.  Trust is key to relationships.  You have to trust one another that you CAN go out and have a good time without issues. 

Sometimes its hard at first, and you just worry, it's normal!  After awhile you just have to realize he will come home to you and that you have to trust to let him go hang with his homies.  Same for him!  He has to respect that girl time and know you wont do anything to jeopardize your relationship!

Space is so important and I'm not talking bad space.  I'm talking the space that keeps you sane.  The space that makes you miss one another and want to see each other. 

Ladies listen up.  Men HATE when we whine, bicker, cry, pout and fight.  They'd much rather just leave for a few and cool off.  They can't stand it to hear us rant and rave! 

Living with someone is so different.  You really have to maintain yourself in order to maintain your relationship and that's hard but us ladies know how to multitask.

I learned the hard way and I'm not afraid to admit that.  I lost myself in a relationship and forgot who I was.  I lost my confidence, my courage and my independence and I regret it so much!

After a few days of discovering myself all over again i got back to what i love.  Writing, being a positive influence to my friends and ladies all over. 

Pussy Power.  If you know me you know exactly what I'm saying.  Men love a independent, outgoing, positive, "on her own shit" type of girl.  They WANT a woman who can take care of herself and not need a man but enjoys the company of one.  That IS sexy!

So for you all you fantastic babes out there, take my advice.
From one babe to another this shit ain't easy but it can be if you just be yourself.
Never forget your worth, never downgrade yourself and just be the woman your mama raised you to be!


NP: Lauryn Hill; Ex-Factor

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