Thursday, February 17, 2011


I've never been good with rules.
I've never been able to listen to what someone says when i think its stupid and follow through.
When it's asked to better something I usually consider it.
I usually try my best and succeed as well as I can.

I feel that it's only fair to stick to it especially when you care about that person.
Sometimes it can show that you're becoming better at something.
Or that you have the will power.

In return i feel that it's okay to ask that person for a favor?
Maybe something that just bothers you or is just wrong timing to do.
Maybe just even hold off on something that irritates you.

When you love someone you avoid the things that make them tic.
Even if its something as simple as, don't accept that friend request. dumb as that sounds it's fair right?
That person doesn't have to listen, that person has their own rights.
At some point you have to be fair.
At some point you just have to say "OK, yes i can do that for you."

When that person can't, when that person doesn't listen, or want to do things in return
it's a swift hard kick in the stomach.
Things should be fair and equal in a relationship.

You both should have to put in just as much work as the other.
You should be able to express the things that you can and can't stand.
Sometimes you give and give and give and get nothing in return.

Somtimes you get everything taken away, and that one person holds it high
above your head.  Dangling the things you love right before your own eyes.
All you want is to have it back.  To hold the things you love so close.

What if you're doing everything they've asked.  You're doing your best and just trying to find that happy place so you can move on, but they do something low.
Something so simple, something thats just unfair.

You can't say a word.  You can just sit and squirm.
Be pissed and write or even get revenge.
Now, i'm not the type of girl to get revenge.
I'm the type of girl who would pack her things and leave.

Relationships, friendships and family need to be equal.
Everybody needs to give and sacrafice just as much as everyone else.
I believe in equality.  Find those people that makes you feel like
as much as you're giving you're recieving.

I just want everyone to know i've been going through some things.
I've lost myself as a person and i'm on this journey to discover myself all over again.
It's going to be rough and it's going to be amazing.
I'm going to continue to write daily, express any and every feeling, thought, and action I encounter.  I hope the majority of these posts help some of you.
I want to inspire women all over the world.  As of right now all I can do is blog.
Blog my life, situations, feelings, thoughts and ideas.

Bare with me.


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