Monday, February 14, 2011

High Hopes

Love is undefineable.
Everybodys definition is different.
I believe when somebody loves you the look past the ugly.
You look past the flaws, they avoid those things that upset them.
I believe when two people are in love they will do anything to better not only themselves but their own relationship.
People fall in and out of love all the time.
When somebody truly loves you they make sure you know that.
They'll do anything for you.
Skys the limit.
Love can make you do crazy things.
It can bring you happiness and tears.
When you are deeply in love with someone things are
agreed upon.  Things should be talked over feelings should be expressed.
When you love someone you should be able to be happy on your own.
You should be able to love yourself so that you can offer your own love to another.
Love is real.
When you love somebody don't let them go.
When you've found that person that makes you have your own definition of love,
don't let them go.
When you love somebody you don't do things to hurt them.
You don't threaten them.
You don't black mail them.
You don't dangle youre realtionship in front of their face.
Love is a happiness.
I love love.
Happy Valentines day to all you amazing couples.

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