Thursday, January 27, 2011

dream girl.

"I dreamed I found your cell phone... And you were like wiggin out about it cause you didn't know I had it. But you had gotten breast implants and you had taken all these pics on your phone of them and stuff and it became this like epic adventure to return your phone too you cause every one was trying to get it hahaha
It was wild dude
 Some dude that was after the phone was telling me that I "held the power to make millions" and I told him friendship meant more than money and shot him hahaha."

My homies dream some crazy things.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

i think i might...

seriously i cannot give into boring hair.  i just cant. i've rock some of the craziest hair do's ever.  but seriously i think since i've started growing my hair back out all i've thought about is shaving some part of it.  something about a woman being to shave her head or any part is a fucking badass.

amen sista.


buying these.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


How he stay faithful in a room full of hoes?
Must be the pharaohs, he in tune with his soul,
So when he buried in a tomb full of gold.

....not too sure about this weekend.

Monday, January 24, 2011

social network.

I've officially left Facebook.

Maybe it will be better for my work days and I wont have to see stupid shit or that things are being hidden from me.

Oh well..

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Lady Of..

Bought this "Lady of Spain" bottle from World Market yesterday.  Says you'll fall in love with it's toasty nutty blend.  Pretty excited to pop it!  Only $14.99!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Salt & Pepper.

I've always been okay with the way people look at me.  I really cannot be mad when I'm covered in tattoos, sported a shaved head and gave off the vibe that I was on top the world.  To me it was never a big deal to crush on Pharell Williams.  He's a light skin beauty and I've had a thing for him since I can remember. 

No matter what, I believe you should love someone for who they are on the inside, not the outside.  Color to me, whether it's black, blue, purple, green, yellow means nothing.  The personality of a person and how they carry themselves has always gotten me.

The older generation (grandparents) that grew up with racism have stuck with it.  I like to call them stubborn.  Not that I judge them because they were raised that way but I feel that its important to keep up with today's society.  Interracial relationships are more accepted today than ever. 

We are all equal.  If you choose to act a fool, no matter your color that is your choice.  I read a few surveys and the percentage of supporting an interracial couple was higher than disagreeing with it. 

Love comes in all colors, shapes and sizes.  Everyone has their preferences.  Something about my boyfriend that had me head over heals was his smile.  He carries himself well and is just a sexy man!  The color of his skin does nothing for me.  It's the way he presents himself. 

I think some people are quick to judge because of traditions and how they have been raised.  Eventually when you're older you'll want to experience new things.  Stepping out of your race, religion, even traditions is a good feeling. 

You cannot let looks or words interfere with your relationship.  Who you choose to love is your own choice.  Confidence in a relationship is important.  Know that some people may not agree with who you are with but know within yourself it's what you want and nothing can break you.

I've experienced family members disagreeing with what i choose to do.  I respect them but i cannot agree with them.  They're old, they grew up completely different than I did.  It does upset me but I know that I'm happy and I wouldn't change what I have for anyone.

I still get dirty looks.  I just grab my boyfriends hand tighter and keep it moving. 

So power to you odd couples, I love it.


a few things i need from the store...

HK Sushi.

Tree House Pent House

Christian Louboutins.

Chocolate & Vanilla.

HK Nails.

Gucci Rifle.

Baby Zebra.


Today marks the 7th month I've been with my boyfriend.  I met him back in June and we have not been able to leave each other alone since.  To be honest when i first saw him I had butterflies.  Probably the best feeling ever.  He's an amazing man and I am so thankful for him and everything that he has done for me.  He's my best friend and has been there for me since day one.  We manage to pull through thick and thin and always make shit work.  When you find someone that's going to wipe away your tears, or help you when your sick, even run you a bubble bath cause you've had a rough day I advise you to keep him/her.  He's my other half, my sunshine my everything!  Nothing can break us, we have a super Mario bond. 

Me & you, just us two.
I love you so much!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Aint No Holler Back Girl!

Gwen Renee Stefani.

If I had to be like any celebrity it would be good ol' Gwenie Gwen.
From the No Doubt days to selling 7 million of her first solo album she's really come a far way.  Her album "Love Angel Music Baby" is one of my favorite albums ever.  So 80's pop meets No doubt, which is perfect!  Her album gives you that I'm a tough yet sexy girl who doesn't give a f*ck!  What a bad ass woman!

This shit is bananas..

Gwen debuted her clothing line back in 2003.  Expanding her collection in 2005 with the influence of Japanese culture. Since then her line has grown tremendously.  From the super girly Harajuku Lovers line, to shoes, watches, clothes, even sunglasses.  She's bangin' go head with ya bad self!

she's fucking fabulous...

She dares to be different and is such a fashion icon.  I really hope she comes out with a new album.  I'd love to hear some more "No Doubt" Gwen. 

Give us something Gwenie...

Monday, January 17, 2011

Can we put a stop to this?

 Columbus, Ohio tallied a total 105 homicides in the year 2010 alone.
It is now January 17th, 2011 and the fourth homicide happened early this morning around 2:30 AM of this year.

This is not a good fucking start to 2011.

Innocent people are not only getting hurt but losing their lives.  It's a domino effect.  People want revenge.  How can we speak up and get the point across to others that we are killing our own? 

I remember sitting at my boyfriends moms house one night.  We were downstairs eating Chinese and for some reason he had put the TV on mute.  The sound of an old truck had gone by and then at least 6 or 7 shots were fired.  The next day we learned that a 20 year old kid was shot in the chest. 

What about Alexandria who was unfortunately caught between crossfire of two men openly shooting at each other from opposite sides of the street. 

This is real.  People that are close to us are losing their lives.  I understand it happens everywhere, but as a powerful small city, we need to stand up and speak out against violence.  We have that sort of power that we need to take advantage of. 

Our youth needs a good influence, they are our future.  They look up to us, they learn from us.  We must send them the right messages and protect them. 

Support your local crime stoppers and stop the violence acts.  I know that this year I am going to make a difference.  I want the city I live in to not make national headlines for the wrong reasons.

My boyfriend always tells me to only control the things I can control.  Well I feel that maybe I can't control guns being put in the wrong hands of people but I know i can stand up, speak out and attempt to make a difference for the sake of young kids and those I'm surrounded by.

Richard Owen Smith lost his life this morning.  Plenty of people knew him and my thoughts go out to his family and friends.  Rest In Peace.

Here are a few websites you can go to for tips, advice or help.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bitch Fit.

The Internet is written in ink.

There are so many social networks today that i cant even keep up.
Let it be known that when your stuff is not private it's PUBLIC.
Still even then people can manage to hack into whatever they want and find any information they are seeking.

I have a problem with Facebook and relationships.

It's happened a few times before, that I've been in a relationship and seen shit i could have gone with out.  What some people forget is that its out there for all to see.

choose your words wisely.

If you are in a serious relationship going about adding every girl you have friends in common with is absolutely absurd.  WHY?!?!  What do they have to offer you if you're a loyal person in a relationship?

If you only know these people from the Internet or from "mutual friends" they don't need to be in your life.

I can honestly say it bothers me.

Is your inbox full of numbers?

I personally can say i don't answer half the messages i receive in my inbox.  This morning i was thinking to myself i really am going to delete any person I've never met before from my page.

They don't need to know or be in my business. 

I understand if you're a person of business, and you use it to promote and keep in touch with clients.

Other than that adding every girl you see is just ridiculous.

Yes, I'm pissy. 

Using Facebook to find a relationship is BOGUS.  I laugh at people who literally seek love through Facebook.

All in all focus on real life.  Not what some bitch is doing that you may or may not sweat but have never met.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

oh please.

Derrick Martell Rose.
Chicago Bulls.
High cheek bones.
Tattoos for days.

just day dreaming...

onyx edition.


nails did.

dolla dolla billz yall.

T & A

These days you can't tell what's real from fake.
I know I've been accused of getting a titty job but let me tell you that is far from true.

When is it too much?

I think if the tools are available why not put them to use?
Some take it to the extreme of completely transforming their body but i can agree with a little nip and tuck. 

Boob job?  If you had the opportunity i think 75% of women would jump on it.  Even if its something as simple as a lift.  I chose to never get my chest tattooed because i feel big or small, boobs are sexy, and just complete a woman.


Curvy > Bone thin. Curvy < Bone thin. Curvy = Bone thin.

I think curves make a woman.  Natural curves that is. 

Honestly i went from being a string bean to a curvy confident woman.  I literally weighed nothing, super long lanky arms and legs.  It was so ugly to me.  Throughout the years I've filled out and learned to appreciate my curves.  I really felt like a woman when i could see my ass from the side. 

I give props to women who work their hardest to achieve their goals and better themselves mentally and physically.  It takes a lot of dedication to really upkeep a woman's body. 

The more confident you are with your body and looks the more sexy and appealing you are to others.  Curvalicious or bone thin you have the right to work it.

You should never change yourself or your image for another person.  You were born the way you are and it should mean something to you. 

It's heartbreaking to see girls fall under the pressure of TV and magazines.  Woman all over the world are suffering from eating disorders to "fit in"  THAT IS SUCH GARBAGE TO ME!

 Trust me ladies, you don't want to fit in.  It's more fun to be different and rock what your mother gave you.

Beauty is not only on the outside but always on the inside ladies.

Monday, January 10, 2011

quit giving us such a bad image.

I recently went into "Bebe" to find a dress for myself.  The conversation I had with a sales associate blew my mind. 

I grabbed a few things and the girl led me back to my dressing room.  She asked me where i was going and i told her it was my birthday and i was going out.  She asked me where i told here i had no idea. 

I really had to bite my tongue on the next question she asked.  I was so close to ripping her a new one and making her cry at her own work place. 

She asked who i was going with, of course i said my boyfriend.  Who else would i be going out with on my birthday?  He's been apart of my life for the past 6 months he had no choice. Ha! Ha!

Her reply to that was "Ew why?" 


I swear!  Keep your opinions to yourself if you are a girl that spreads them legs as easy as butter spreads on toast. 

It made me so angry that she had so much negative shit to say about a girl who is loyal, committed and in love.

I have a dope girlfriend who over the summer would bar hop with me.  We would run into some unreal bitches.  Ready to get on their knees at any point.  It's not me, and i despise a girl who will downgrade or throw her worth away for attention or a one night stand.

Get a hold of yourself.


I once made the mistake of going through my boyfriends phone.  Yes, once upon a time I took things into my own hands and really not only let myself down but my boyfriend as well.  Us girls all know that a man never wants to really show you what's in his phone.  It's usually locked and put away.  I get it.  Yes, this is where the whole "trust" issue comes in and I'm supposed to be the good girlfriend that should know better.

You ever have that feeling in your gut where things just don't seem right.  That there is something your man wants to say but thinks it would piss you off if he mentions it?

Well I have.  I went diggin' for dirt and got exactly what I wanted.  Maybe I got what I deserved or maybe he really made a mistake.

When I saw that my boyfriend at the time had called another girl "babe" my heart sunk to my stomach.  I thought that was my name.  Some point of views would say, "well that word is thrown around like a rag doll, its nothing" and others would say "wow that would piss me off so bad."  Well it did.  Men will never understand woman and I could say that 100 times more. 

Forget the situation of the conversation.   There was a tiny past between the two and it hurt a little more to know that.  I honestly felt that i didn't matter at the time he was talking to her. 

This is where i come in with, "I'm a girl, i know how we are."  Girls are sneaky, manipulative, and sleazy.  We all know this.  It's the principle of a relationship.  Or the fact that I'm sure ol' home girl had plenty of other people to confide in but chose a guy who had a girlfriend at the time.  On top of that I don't play nice.

If i would have known the girl, or heard about her i would have never blown up like i did.  She came out of nowhere.  Randomly brought up and hopefully randomly disappeared.

He was honest enough to explain the situation and even offer her number to me to talk to her.  Let's all be real here, and if you know me you would know exactly how i would handle a situation like that. 

It just isn't fair.  No matter what the situation is, or if she's a close friend she doesn't deserve what i deserve. 

This is the problem between men and women.  Men don't bring other girls around because they feel it's a threat to their girlfriend. 

Here it is boys, us girls will handle our own.  If we feel threatened we will be sure to stand our ground and protect what's ours.  The worst thing to do is hide the relationships you have with other women who are just friends.  To us that means there is something more than meets the eye if YOU choose not to mention or bring them around.

We may be fierce but we definitely have feelings.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Pussy Rules The World.

We dont like that girls blow your phone up.
We dont like that you have a lot of "girlfriends" and they "confide" in you.
We DON'T like ex girlfriends.
We think, and usally run shit.
We're moody.
We're confident, but need your opinion.
We want to be the one and only.
We stand up for our men.
We speak our minds.

We're a different breed and men will never understand woman.

A confident self is key to any relationship along with communication and trust.  Us women like to push the limit and test the waters.  We'll do anything to keep our men happy but at the same time do stupid things to push them away.

Women will always rule the world.  You need us no matter what you say. 

The most important thing to never forget it your worth as a woman. 

"i'm a woman hear me roar."

words from the wise

So last night I watched the Masters Class on Operahs new network.  It featured Jay-Z.  Let me tell you something, he is one wise mother fucker.  His words blew me away.  The way he talked about the struggle people have when being in this industry, losing themselves.  You really have to know who you are as an individual before you put yourself out like that. 

For people to say he doesn't deserve to be where he is today disgusts me.  He's made something out of nothing.  I respect him and his music. 

I bought his book "Decoded" for my boyfriend and i cannot wait to get ahold of it!

I appreciate wise people.  I remember sitting on my friend Kreg's front porch talking about any and eveything that had to do with life.  The way people think, how they judge and talk.  Some people are just so unreal, others try too hard, find yourself and get balanced!

I hope to grow wiser with age.  Really appreciate things in life and never take anything for granted.  You only live once and I want to do it right.


Thursday, January 6, 2011

first thoughts on a first blog.

if I could, I'd sit behind an intricate coffee colored desk, blunt in hand, champagne on the side.  My only worry would be the next move with the billions of dollars i have spread out all over the country. 

Like a mother fuckin' boss.

Instead i clocked into my "9-5." 

I told myself today would be a great day and that tomorrow would be even better.

Congratulations to me.  A new year, a new blog, a new outlook on life.